All-seeing, all-knowing assistant

Let’s say you urgently need directions about how to process a warranty claim. You have a valuable customer on the line, waiting for a prompt response. The info is definitely available somewhere in the CRM software. Or maybe in one of the paragraphs of your long-established agreement. All you have to do is… find it.

It would take weeks for a new employee to learn where to look up such knowledge. But hey!

Imagine you could get instant answers to all your burning questions. No matter how deep the data was buried.

How does it work?

We will connect your systems with a powerful AI engine and create a chat-like experience. The bot can be fed with selected data from your CRM software, your knowledge base, any text documents or external APIs.

Thanks to the power of modern technology, it is now possible to streamline internal research. Simply describe your problem and get an immediate reply with the best steps to follow.

What are people usually using it for?

  • Search Engine: Get relevant answers to your problems via chat
  • Data Analysis: Consult AI about jobs to do next (based on current statistics)
  • Content Organization: Tidy up your knowledge base, get rid of duplicates, easily tag and manage versions

What will AI do with my data?

You are right to ask this question. In the end, the engine has to retrieve and process the data somehow. For security reasons the best option is to use local LLM engines running on infrastructure that you control. That way no third-party AI will learn and benefit from your sensitive information and know-how.

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